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 Life has thrown me many curve balls, not least of which was my falling in love and then falling apart when my marriage dissolved. The heartache and pain that we all have to endure at that time is so harsh, but like many of the amazing single mothers I have interviewed over the years, I have risen, like the Phoenix from the ashes.

I am proud to be a single mother. I adore my child. She is the essence of what has propelled me to create this site: Love. There is a time for the anger and hurt to go and a time to start loving yourself and life again.

My blogs will hopefully make you laugh, feel understood, open your eyes to another way of thinking or just simply be a good read for the week. Whatever it happens to mean to you, I thank you for joining me in this journey of empowerment and life.

May yours be a great one. Together, we are Mothers Moving Forward!

With hope and best wishes for you all,


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