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 Life has thrown me many curve balls, not least of which was my falling in love and then falling apart when my marriage dissolved. The heartache and pain that we all have to endure at that time is so harsh, but like many of the amazing single mothers I have interviewed over the years, I have risen, like the Phoenix from the ashes.

I am proud to be a single mother. I adore my child. She is the essence of what has propelled me to create this site: Love. There is a time for the anger and hurt to go and a time to start loving yourself and life again.

My blogs will hopefully make you laugh, feel understood, open your eyes to another way of thinking or just simply be a good read for the week. Whatever it happens to mean to you, I thank you for joining me in this journey of empowerment and life.

May yours be a great one. Together, we are Mothers Moving Forward!

With hope and best wishes for you all,


Feel like you need to win more often? You might find there's a win in the everyday things that cross your path...literally! read more
As single mums, we're used to always having someone who needs our time? But what happens when it all gets a bit too much? Sometimes we need to take a step back in order to step forward. read more
We all feel fearful at times, but it was Susan Jeffers who coined the phrase 'Feel the fear and do it anyway.' It became the title of her worldwide classic bestseller.This remarkable woman, for a long time a single mother, passed away this week. But her legacy of instilling confidence and belief in millions of women will be forever felt.Thank you Susan. You really were a mother moving forward. read more
Hugging is one of life's greatest pleasures and a gift we can freely bestow upon anyone. So what possessed a school in WA to punish a child for hugging? read more
Have the days of cooking and baking gone? After a day at a local Italian street fair sampling hand made gnocchi, I was inspired to begin again and encourage a love of cooking not only in my daughter, but myself... read more
As single mothers, we have lots of emotions that sit inside us, not all of them good. No matter how ‘half glass full’ you are as a person, we all have days when you just want to shut the door and have a good cry... read more
I reflected today on a valuable lesson I learned from my daughter while we were away. I watched her steer her way through her fear and attend a new school and it reminded me just how much we can learn from our kids and the importance of pushing through our fears. read more
What do you do when you've changed but everyone else has stayed the same? If you want to hang onto the changes you’re making to yourself, you have to stay focused and not lose sight of the most important thing; you. I’m learning this since coming home… read more
Are you one of these mothers who load themselves up with unnecessary expectations of ‘I should’ and ‘I must…’. It’s time to throw away your self-inflicting whip and stop beating yourself up. Since being away, I’ve done exactly that and I feel so much better for it. It’s incredibly liberating! read more
Being a single mother requires enormous strength but what we also need are strong friendships, even if it's only one or two. Friendships are there waiting to be made. You just have to step outside the door. I made a new one today and it's been a brilliant reminder to say 'hello'. read more
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