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 Life has thrown me many curve balls, not least of which was my falling in love and then falling apart when my marriage dissolved. The heartache and pain that we all have to endure at that time is so harsh, but like many of the amazing single mothers I have interviewed over the years, I have risen, like the Phoenix from the ashes.

I am proud to be a single mother. I adore my child. She is the essence of what has propelled me to create this site: Love. There is a time for the anger and hurt to go and a time to start loving yourself and life again.

My blogs will hopefully make you laugh, feel understood, open your eyes to another way of thinking or just simply be a good read for the week. Whatever it happens to mean to you, I thank you for joining me in this journey of empowerment and life.

May yours be a great one. Together, we are Mothers Moving Forward!

With hope and best wishes for you all,


Do you ever feel isolated and alone? Do you find yourself sitting at home feeling lonely? I used to too until I learned that getting out helps a lot, even if you do it by yourself. read more
Have you wondered lately what lies around the corner for you? I learned a valuable lesson today and found that so many opportunities await each of us, if only we are prepared to turn around and look... read more
Father's Day is this weekend and it's always a tricky one for single mums. Our kids may want to celebrate Father’s Day but we obviously don’t. So how do you manage it? read more
Some really interesting information has come to hand recently about divorce rates. While they were dropping for a while, divorce is back on the rise and the reasons may surprise you... read more
No matter where single mothers are in the world, there seem to be similarities that tie us together in a strong form of emotional camaraderie. Over the last two years, I've interviewed Australian single mothers to understand how they move forward. Now I'm in Oxford, England, to interview British mums to see where our similarities lie. read more
Does your child know the basics of first aid? Would they know what to do in an emergency? I was, thankfully, surprised how much my daughter knew when it came to the crunch, literally... read more
Do you have dreams that you really wish you could fulfil? Do you deep down think they are unrealistic or unachievable? They are not! When there is a will, there IS a way, and life can turn around. It's a matter of half glass full or half glass empty. My glass was empty...for a day... and then I awoke and found it half full. read more
There are so many more casualties in a break up than just yourself, your ex and your kids. Not that that isn’t enough; of course it is. It takes all your energy to deal with just that level of impact. But there are others who also suffer when a break up happens; the grandparents and extended family. So how do you deal with that? read more
There are some things you hope your children will model of your behaviour; maybe it’s your attitude to life, your work ethic, or your values. But there will undoubtedly be some things you hope they don’t model. For me, it was my fears. read more
My mother saw me vacuum a cockroach off the ceiling tonight.“Is that really my daughter?” she shrieked in amazement. It was not the novelty that I used a vacuum instead of fly spray. It was not that I leapt in one foul swoop nimbly on top of the kitchen bench, wielding the vacuum hose at the same time. No, it was simply the fact that I was willing to run towards the offending creature, rather than run in the opposite direction... read more
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