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 A few weeks ago a nice man asked why I don’t have a husband. I was unusually lost for words.

 For a few moments, my self-pity overtook. Why am I alone?!  Why don’t I have a husband? I think I’m a good catch. I’m appreciative, I cook well, I make people laugh. Why is it that I am alone?!

 But I quickly dumped the pitiful me and remembered I knew why I was alone. It is my journey and I’ve accepted that. There are lessons I needed to learn, no matter whether I consider myself to be a good person or not. Bad things happen to good people. Good things happen to bad people. The world isn’t fair. But life is about journeying through the injustice and learning along the way.  The quicker we learn, the sooner we move on.

 I met good men who made bad decisions. I met men who needed me and at the time, I needed to be needed. I met men whose destiny was to cross paths with me so we could both learn from each other.

 Often people who are in relationships call those who are long time single, ‘picky’. I don’t consider myself to be ‘picky’. Instead I like to think I am discerning and have different standards than I did in the past; different standards of myself and what I want for myself now. It’s important that as we grow, we allow ourselves to dream for something more. The type of man I want now is very different to what I have wanted in the past. I have grown so much and so have my tastes in men. It’s natural.

 While all of this was racing through my mind, this man stood there, smiling, waiting for an answer. I was hardly likely to tell him all that.  An answer of that depth would have done nothing more than confirm in his mind why I didn’t have a husband. She thinks too much!  Maybe I do. But I like that I think. I just need a man who also likes to think.

 So if I ever get asked again why I don’t have a husband, I’ll simply smile and say, ‘I had one but I let him go.’ The rest of my story is not important to anyone else but me. But I get it. I’ve learned and I’m ready to move on. Single or a couple, I’m a Mother Moving Forward!


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