New Life Not Just New Year!

final_2012.jpgNew Life Not Just New Year!

Each year I reflect back and wonder where I have come from and where I am going. And with every passing year, I am shocked by the speed at which time disappears. For I remember as if it were yesterday that my little girl started kindergarten and yet  she has just finished her first year of high school.

All the mothers I speak to say the same thing, warning me that the high school years disappear at an even faster rate than the primary school years. It’s that sort of information that really gets my mind spinning and wondering what my life will be like after my daughter has flown the nest. If the last eight years can go by so quickly, the next five are sure to run like Usain Bolt.

So rather than contemplate the usual New Year resolutions, instead I’ve been thinking about new life resolutions! What is it that I REALLY want in my future? Not just for next year, but in the many years that follow. What will make my life ideal?

It is never too early to start asking yourself those questions, for time truly does fly and those years called life, just melt away.

So rather than writing down those New year Resolutions that rarely get a look in, why not sit down with a swag of magazines, grab your scissors and cut out those things that make you smile. Use one of your children’s blank school books and paste your dreams together. Then when the New Year comes, your dreams are there waiting for you.

Sleep is a mixture of nightmares and dreams. So too is life. You’ve had your nightmares. Now it’s time to dream. Enjoy your dreams and have a truly wonderful New Year. Thank you for being a Mother Moving Forward.

With hope and hugs,


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