Caring for You


How Do You Move Forward?

By helping yourself! Remember, when you are on a plane, they always tell you to put your oxygen mask on first. The same applies here. It is absolutely critical that you look after yourself through a crisis, so that you can give your children the very best of you.

So consider it not so much as a luxury to look after yourself but  your duty! No more guilt. Be kind to yourself. That’s a Mothers Moving Forward order!  ;-)

Factors to Consider

 As women, we have a natural tendency to look after others before ourselves. You have  probably spent a large amount of your energy in the past trying to look after your ex. Well, you no longer need to do that.

If you manage your day well, you will always find a little bit of nurture time for yourself. The more tired and unhappy you are, the more important it is to make yourself a priority. As a calmer, healthier, happier mum, you will instill the same calm and happy energy in your kids.  You will have a calmer and happier life all around.

 Mind, Body, Spirit

 These are the three key areas that you need to focus on while trying to heal. Each of them affects the other, so it is important to allocate time to each.

 ‘Time?!’ you say? Yes, I know that time can be very difficult to find and as a single mother, it can seem almost impossible. But having gone through the same dilemma, we have loads of ideas that need 15 mins or less to do!

 Surely you can find 15 mins at the end of your day, or in your lunch break? Maybe you can get up 15 mins earlier? By following our suggestions for other key areas in your life, we are sure you’ll be able to gain back some valuable time to do at least one of these nurturing or fun activities a day.

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Mind,Body, Spirit




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