Good Mental Health the Key

good_mental_health_jan.jpgGood Mental Health the Key

Single mothers are under far more pressure than most and deal with an incredible number of issues on a daily basis. Apart from managing the everyday issues of finances, work and the household, they have to deal with the emotional fallout that goes with divorce, both for  themselves and their kids.

It is not surprising that a large number of single mothers suffer anxiety and depression.  Jane Fisher, the Jean Hailes Professor of Women’s Health at Monash University, said “There is no health without mental health.” Truer words have never been spoken.

 Her seven suggestions to good mental health are as follows:

  • Look after your personal safety
  • Connect more with the community
  • Work towards financial security
  • Make the most of your standard of living
  • Find ways each day to experience achievement and satisfaction
  • Enjoy quality relationships
  • Look after your physical health

By focusing on each of these as often as you can, you will be working your way to a stronger, more grounded mind, body and spirit.

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