Beating Monday Blues

One_of_those_days.jpgBeating Monday Blues

Having one of those days? Here are five ways to lift your mood...

 1.       Head for Heat

Researchers in the US have shown that a relaxing hot bath or warming cup of something hot helps shift your mood from agitated to calm. So if you find yourself hassled in the middle of the day, make yourself a hot cup of tea, coffee or hot chocolate. Wrap your hands around that mug and feel your stress melt away. At night, run yourself a hot bath, add a few drops of lavender if you wish and let your troubles float away.

2.       Take out the Nonessentials

If you are feeling overloaded, chances are you are trying to take on too much in one day. The best thing you can do is work out what is essential for you to complete today and what are the things that are not essential and you can leave to another day. Often we are own worst enemy, so befriend yourself and take the pressure off.

3.       Rearrange Your Hormones

When you are stressed your body is producing Cortisol, the stress hormone. In order to combat your stress levels, you need to introduce endorphins, otherwise known as our happy hormones. One of the best ways to raise your endorphins and reduce your Cortisol is to exercise. If you’re at work, go for a quick walk around the block in your lunch break or take up a lunchtime yoga or gym class. At night, why not try a dance class!

4.       Do Something Different

When things aren't going right, change your direction and do something different. There is no point beating your head against a wall and constantly trying to make something work when it's not going the way you want. Instead, choose something different to work on and you'll find that things will probably start working out.

5.       Better Your Mood with Music

Music has the power to shift your mood instantly! So if you find your job regularly brings you down, carry an iPod with you and whenever you can, listen to music that will make you smile. Or better yet, find another job! : )

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