Listen to your Body

Listen_To_Your_Body.jpgListen to your Body

As single mothers, we tend to look after everybody else ahead of ourselves. We often subject our bodies to gruelling tasks and daily workloads. It's hardly surprising that at some stage, our bodies start to rebel!

When your body starts to talk to you, it is essential that you listen. Feeling lightheaded and lacking energy? Your body is asking for more sleep and better foods. Feeling a twinge in your lower back? Your body is begging for exercise and for less hours in front of your computer.

Your body has wisdom of its own and when you are in pain or discomfort, you need to have a conversation with your body and understand its needs. Most importantly, you need to do something to make it feel better. So if you ignore what it's trying to tell you, the only way it can be heard is to shout louder. In other words, you'll continue to feel more pain.

Take the time to sit quietly and listen to your body. See where you feel discomfort. What is your body trying to ask of you? If it's telling you to stretch, or be free within movement, want to be kind with the foods that you feed it, or to put laughter inside it, on your body's wishes. You and your body are one. It's important to take care of yourself.

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