Which Foods for Which Moods?

Which_Food_for_Which_Moods.jpgWhich Foods for Which Moods?

 Suffering from PMS? Feeling overly stressed? Can’t sleep? At different times, we need different food to help lift our moods. Here is a selection of issues and food solutions that may help.

Can’t Sleep?

It’s important to avoid mind stimulating foods before going to bed. These are great foods to start the day, but sleep killers if eaten in the evening. Avoid protein foods such as meat, chicken, cheese and eggs as these will keep you awake. You're far better off eating a bowl of pasta or rice as these complex carbohydrates tend to calm the busy mind.


Being a single mum can be very stressful, so chances are your vitamin C levels are lower than your body requires to get you through the day. Insufficient vitamin C also affects your immune system, lowering your ability to fight off illness. So it's important to add foods rich in Vitamin C back into your diet. These include oranges, lemons, grapefruit, capsicums, tomatoes and green leafy vegetables. But most fruits and vegetables contain some level of Vitamin C. What's important is to have at least five portions a day.

Suffering PMS And Mood Swings?

 Are you nervous, anxious, and irritable? Don't just blame it on your monthly. It is more likely you're suffering from a deficiency of Vitamin B.

Vitamin B has many forms and is essential for your body to obtain and release energy from the foods that you eat. It's also essential for effective functioning of your immune system, your nervous system, your digestive system and for the formation of your red blood cells. So it's critical that you increase your intake of foods that contain effective amounts of the Vitamin B group.

These include chicken, fish, meat, rock melon, avocados, dried fruits and nuts, root vegetables, brown rice, eggs, dairy products and dark green leafy vegetables.

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