Your Body Talks

Body_Talk.jpgYour Body Talks

 Most of us suffer some aches and pains during our everyday life. But because they happen so often, we tend to ignore them. Ignoring pain is a sure fire way to make sure it stays. Instead, maybe it's time to listen to what your body is really trying to tell you.

 Almost all our physical ailments are reflective of our emotional state. Suffering neck spasms? Then ask yourself, who is the real pain in your neck? Your ex?  Your boss? You'd be surprised that as soon as you let go of your irritation with them, how quickly your neck pain will heal.

 Suffering lower back pain? Chances are you're feeling unsupported at the moment. So acknowledge this and ask yourself, how can you better support yourself rather than relying on other people?

 Almost every body part and pain is connected to how you feel. Learn to let go of the emotion and you find your health improve out of sight, as will your approach to life.

 For more information buy or borrow a copy of Inna Segal’s, The Secret Language of Your Body.


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