You are now the main provider

As a single mother, you are now the main provider for your family and having a regular income is critical. But this is also a great step forward for you. Being single, you are the only one accessing your pay and so you have total control over your hard earned money.

Knowing how much you earn each week allows you to budget, arrange regular direct debits to pay for your bills and set up a savings plan. Being single can actually take the financial stress out of day-to-day living!

Factors to consider

However, being a single mother means there are many factors you need to consider when looking for employment. You need to think about your work location, work hours, travel times, flexibility of the organisation and regular childcare. You need to consider what happens if your children are sick or on school holidays; are you able to look after them or do you have somebody else who can? All these aspects need to be thought through when looking for work, whether it be part-time or full-time employment.

Returning to Work

Many of you will be returning to the workforce for the first time in years and we understand you are probably very nervous about that. It's easy to lose your confidence when you've been a full-time mum and haven’t been engaged in regular employment. But you probably underestimate yourself because there is no harder job than being a full-time, single mum 24/7! You have to be consistently brilliant at a number of things, do most of them at the same time, on demand and with a smile. You are always learning on the job, you are rarely thanked but the expectation is that you consistently perform. Welcome to the workforce!

Changing Jobs

For those of you who have been employed throughout your breakup, you may be considering a job change that will provide you greater flexibility, stimulation or income. We have plenty of advice to assist you in this area as well.

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