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Your_kids.jpgHow Do You Help Your Children Through Divorce?

There is no doubt that those who usually suffer the most in a divorce, are the children.

As adults, we not only have the full understanding of what happened and why the relationship fell apart, but we also have the ability to work our way out of the emotional and financial mess we find ourselves in.

Our children though, tend to be protected from all the facts were often unsuspecting and consequently don’t know what to think. It is a very distressing time for them and it is common that they end up blaming themselves.

We help you with ways to talk to your children and lift the burden off their shoulders, without laying the blame on anyone. We also show you ways to help them heal, guiding them out of pain and towards happiness.

Factors to Consider

Regardless of who was at fault for the break up, both you and your ex are still the parents of your children. Unless there has been abuse or violence involved, children need and, most importantly, want, both their mother and father in their lives. At Mothers Moving Forward, we firmly encourage the healing of rifts, angesupport of both parents.

Finding a Way Forward with Your Ex

Mothers Moving Forward is not a ‘bastard bashing’ site. On the contrary, we advocate the healing of your relationship with your ex; not for the purpose of re-union, but for the purpose of getting along civilly, for the benefit of your sanity and that of your children. They have already had enough distress in their lives; it is now time for calm. We have many tips for getting on with your ex and moving forward.

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