Raising Boys – Managing Their Energy

IMG_0005.jpgRaising boys... it's exhausting! Where do they get all their energy? Boys are always on the go, wanting to do as many activities in the day as they can with no self-regulating behaviour when they become overtired. It is up to the parent to recognise the tired signs and slow things down, for their sake and ours.

In my experience, a couple of activities per day are enough; a long walk to the park followed by an hour of park play, then home for a board game or playing cars. Or if we are at home, I’ve found that if I engage them first for a couple of hours, they are very happy to then play with each other (I have two boys) or by themselves.

There is also the need for them to do ‘boy things’ like riding bikes, making mud pies, water pistol fights or wrestling. Sometimes we girls have to hang up our aprons and get dirty! But it usually ends up as lots of fun and the bond between mum and boys strengthens.

It’s so important to make the time with your boys. They actually don’t get as much enjoyment from endless toys or computer games as you would think. Regardless of their masculinity, they are still children and they like stories, talking to you, going for walks around the neighbourhood and talking about the things we see.

Misbehaviour often comes from a lack of attention. Give them your time and they will become well rounded and well behaved children.

This article was submitted by Joanne, a highly awarded bank manager and single mum who successfully combines full time work with raising two boys.

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