A Little Bit About Our Company

have_fun_with_us.jpgWho we are

Mothers Moving Forward is a not-for-profit organisation dedicated to supporting single mothers and their children.

With divorce rates near to 50%, there are tens of millions of single divorced mothers around the world... and climbing! In the US alone, there are over 15 million! Single mothers form a major part of our social structure, and yet they are still very hidden within our communities.

Mothers Moving Forward is dedicated to removing that isolation by raising awareness and acceptance of single mothers in the community and by building support networks among single mothers all over the world.

We are a not-for-profit group providing hands on advice and support regarding all aspects of single parent living, specifically with a single mother’s needs in mind.

As the founder, I am also a single mother who has gone through the emotional turmoil of break up and come through the other side, not just intact, but in a positive, enthusiastic state of mind. Our support team is a mix of community support groups, individuals and other single mothers who generously contribute their time, strength, knowledge and advice in assisting single mothers through their journey to the other side.

What we do

Mothers Moving Forward was created with the intention of assisting single mothers with emotional and practical issues relating to family breakdown and provide them with skills to re-integrate back into the community after separation and divorce.

We are here to help you through the difficult transition from married life to single parenthood. Being a single mother is hard work, and there are many areas in your life that will require a new attitude & changes in your daily life in order for you to create a stronger and healthier life. We hope to offer you the guidance and direction you need to make it happen.

Why we do it

Single motherhood can be a very lonely road. We don't want you to walk it alone. We believe in the value of friendship to help people through tough times. That's why we established Mothers Moving Forward, so that we could create a community of single mothers who can chat, share their concerns and find solutions… together. Out of difficult times, new friendships can be formed, ones that can help you move forward.

We also want to empower you with the belief that your life can be better, despite a marriage breakup. The best way we can empower you is by building your confidence through better work prospects, community support groups and helping you improve your financial security.

However, our primary purpose for assisting single mothers is to assist their children.

With around 50% of relationships ending in divorce, there is a real threat to the health and well-being not only of single mothers, but also their children. There is a real risk that this generation of children, once grown up, may have a dysfunctional view of marriage, of love and themselves, unless parents, particularly mothers, take back responsibility and improve their emotional and physical lives after a divorce.

Although undoubtedly there are a lot of single fathers struggling with single fatherhood, at Mothers Moving Forward, we focus purely on a single mother’s voice. It’s what we know best. We hope to assist the growing number of single mothers in feeling better about themselves, so that the millions of children affected by divorce can also move forward.

We understand what you are going through. We hope to help. We believe in you.  You are no longer alone. You have us. You are a Mother Moving Forward.




Vicki Morrison

Founder, Mothers Moving Forward

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