Dealing With Your Ex

Your ex has a different relationship with your kids than you. It helps both you and your kids to try and respect that. Here are some of the benefits... read more
Don't let your ex unnerve you. You have your own life and it's important to learn to stand your ground. read more
One of the most difficult adjustments to make after separating from your husband is coming to an agreement with the way that you both intend to raise your children going forward. read more
Does your ex drain you? It’s time to cut your cords. Cutting cords is a spiritual response not a physical one. It’s a great tool to free yourself and empower yourself at the same time!... read more
Need to negotiate weekends with your ex? Giive yourself plenty of time in advance to discuss your requirements. This will give you the best chance of success... read more
Want to let your hurt and anger go? The best way to do this is to stop focusing on the past and focus on what it is that you want in your life today... read more
It’s not fair to children to put them in the middle or to have them hear put downs about either parent. While you can’t control what your ex says about you, you can control what you say about him... read more
Children need the love of both their mother and father, particularly after a split... read more
The longer the conversation, the more likely there may be a disagreement, so the shorter the better; less room for arguements. read more
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