Starting Over

Whether or not you should have a credit card depends very much on your attitude to money and paying off debt. If you have a healthy attitude to both, a credit card can be a great thing. But to be sure, we have a list of pros and cons to owning a credit card that may help you decide. read more
The very first step in effectively managing your money is to establish a budget. This is the only way you will ever be able to fully take control of your finances and create a way forward. read more
We all know that when our finances are a mess, our life pretty much follows suit. So a critical aspect of getting your life back on track is to de-clutter your finances. Getting your finances in order may initially be difficult, but it will be incredibly rewarding and not just in a financial sense. read more
Money may be a problem for you now. But it doesn’t always have to be. A shift in how you view your circumstances and the possibilities of how it can improve, can make a world of difference to your finances and to you. read more
Many people have a string of bank accounts for different purposes. The problem with this, is that bank accounts cost you money. Want to learn how to reduce your costs? read more
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