Your Kids 15-Minute Living Tips

Make a Family Movie

Make a Family Movie

Even though your family unit has changed, that’s no reason for you to stop creating new memories. One of the best ways you can do this is by videoing your kids doing the things they love. Next time you’re at one of their sporting events or a family gathering, whip out your camera or phone to remind them that life is still great.

Read to Your Kids

Read to Your Kids

Reading to your kids is a great way to share a love of books and for you to bond and relax. Even though your kids may be able to read by themselves, it’s still a loving way to engage with your children, especially before going to bed. It can be wind down time for all of you.

Go Fly a Kite!

Go Fly a Kite

The next rainy day, gather some cardboard and string and make a kite with your kids. Then use the next windy day to go fly your home-made kite! Your kids will be very proud to be able to say that they made the kite themselves.

Click here to learn how to make your own kite.

Pack a Picnic

Pack a Picnic

Take advantage of a sunny day by taking your kids out and having a picnic! Why not invite some friends along as well? They’ll have heaps of fun packing the picnic basket and getting involved.  It’s an inexpensive way to enjoy the outdoors and the company of your friends and family. Remember, some of the best things in life are free!

Reducing the Cost of School Holidays

Reduce the Cost of School Holidays

Keeping your kids occupied every day is hard and sometimes costly, particularly as they get older.  Apart from planning ahead, it’s also a good idea to check out discount vouchers and see where you can take them for less.  Discounted movie tickets, two for one bowling, free entry with a paying adult, kids eat free...the offers are worthwhile! Check out the Entertainment Book for vouchers in your city! You could save a lot while still having fun!

Plan Your School Holidays

Plan Your School Holidays

 Even if all you are doing is staying at home, the school holidays will be far less demanding if you plan ahead. If your children are old enough, talk to them and get their wish list sorted.

Give the wish list boundaries that meet your time and cost barriers; which friends they would like to have over, which friends they would like to go to, one movie to see or two DVD to hire etc. If you both know what they have planned every day, you won’t hear the chant of “I’m bored” ever again!

Bake Some Treats

Bake Some Treats

Unearth that cake mixture from the back of the cupboard and bring out your chef’s hat; it’s baking time! Get your kids to join you in making some delicious treats such as cupcakes and gingerbread men. They’re never too young, or old, to learn how to cook and they’ll love being able to eat their own creations once they’re done.

Park It!

Go to the Park

Been indoors all day? Why not go out to the park with your kids! Grab a soccer ball, skateboard, bikes, roller skates or skipping rope and get out there! It’s a great way for the kids to use up their energy and have some fun. You can use the time to relax or maybe even join them in their games! Make it family time.

Get Them Involved With Either/Or Questions

To get a positive response, the trick is to avoid a Yes or No question.

We have all heard the “ I don't know” response to “What do you want to eat?”, or “What do you want to do tomorrow?” Instead, ask them either/or questions. e.g. “Do you want lasagna or schnitzel?” Or “Do you want to go bike riding or swimming tomorrow?” Keep presenting options until you get a definitive answer. By doing this, you'll be involving them in the final decision and they’ll most likely enjoy the outcome.

Create a Family Tree

Your children need to feel that they still belong.

Their parents may no longer be together, but your children need to understand that they are still very much part of an extended family.

Encourage your children to sit down with you, or their grandparents and uncles to find out more about their heritage. It will give them something to focus on and a great sense of belonging. They can do it online at

Keep your family tree to fewer than 250 relatives, and the site is FREE!

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