Caring For You 15-Minute Living Tips

Does Chicken Soup Really Help?

Yes! Apparently it’s not an old wives tale. A study done by a team at the University of Nebraska shows that chicken soup, especially a broth made with chicken bones and vegetables, slows the movement of white blood cells that cause congestion and clogged nasal passages.

If you’re a vegetarian, research shows that other hot drinks can also relieve cold symptoms such as coughing, runny nose, chills and sore throat. So if you are feeling less than great, grab a mug of something warm and know you are doing your body good.

Increase your Lifespan

Recent research by Swinburne University and the Body-Brain Performance Institute found that walking 10,000 steps a day and going to the gym three times a week can increase your lifespan by five years!  They confirmed a clear link between exercise and reducing stress. I suppose it’s nothing new to us except most of us don’t do it. Just another healthy reminder that walking is a great way to stay fit, longer.

Watch a Comedy

Watch a Comedy

Laughter is essential is moving on. One of the best things you can do for yourself when you feel down is put on one of your favourite comedy DVD’s or head out to a cheap comedy club.

Research shows that when we laugh, we release serotonin, the happy hormone, and our mood lifts.

Can’t get out without the kids? Enjoy a comedy with them.

Take a Long Walk

Walking clears the head, lowers stress and can either relax or invigorate , depending on the type of walk you do.

Either way, it’s a great, no cost way to have fun. If you live near the coast, there are stunning walks to enjoy, breathing in the sea air and taking a dip afterwards.

If a bush walk is more your thing, pack plenty of water and a small picnic which you can enjoy afterwards.

Wear Something That Makes You Feel Sexy

Do you have a sexy bra, top or dress that you keep for special occasions? Well make today your special occasion! Every day can be special if you treat yourself that way. You don’t have to do it for anyone else but yourself. That’s what makes it fun!

Spend Time with Your Best Friend

We all need some girly time with our friends, just to talk, laugh and have fun. Send your kids over to a friend’s house one day and go catch up with one of your friends for a change. It’ll feel good to be able to just laugh and chat all day without needing to worry about work or your kids.We all need time to let loose!

Do Some Baking With Friends

Love to bake? Why not invite some friends over and have a baking day! It’s the perfect way to catch up with your friends, perfect your cooking skills and use up that cake mixture in the back of the cupboard. Besides, everyone can do with a bit of cake once in a while!

Listen to Your Favourite Song

Having a bad day? Everyone has a favourite song that they listen to when they’re feeling stressed or upset. What’s yours? It can be anything, as long as it makes you feel good. Find a time in your day to listen to that song and just dance around or sing along like nobody’s watching.

Watch the Sunset

Watch the Sunset

After a day of chaos and rushing around, find the time to sit down and watch the sun as it goes down. You don’t have to go far. Step outside your front door. The night sky is all around. Use this time to slow down, think about the good in your day and make a wish.

Find Your Secret Place

Find Your Secret Place

As a single mum, you may feel that you don’t have any time for yourself, time to just sit and relax. It might seem as though you have no space to call your own, either. Try to change this by finding a spot that’s just for you, a place where you can just sit and think.

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