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One of the great things about forming local single mothers support groups is the amazing number of ways you will be able to support one another. Below are some of the ideas our members have come up with.

Got any more ideas how to support one another?

If you have any ideas, we would love to hear from you and add them to our list! Just send us an email. We’re sure the other single mums out there would really appreciate your ideas!

Get to know some of the other single mums at your children’s school. Work out where they live and see if you can share the responsibility of getting your kids to and from school. read more
Buying fruit and vegies at the market is always cheaper. The problem is what do you do with a case of apples? Split them with your new single mum friends of course! Take turns to go in pairs to the markets and bring the produce home. read more
Everything is cheaper in bulk. That’s how Costco and other bulk shopping stores work. Once again, rotate the responsibility among everyone in the group and take turns to head out with a list in hand and buy up. read more
One of the biggest dilemmas of being a single mum is the sudden inability to just ‘step out for a moment’. Who is going to look after the kids? read more
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