Have Fun with Us

Been a while since you had fun? Want to feel happier? Check out the many ways you can bring a smile back into your life, by yourself or with others.

Join a Club

Always wanted to write a book? Thought you had quite a mean hand at tennis? Love the idea of learning to Salsa? Want to speak French?

Well, what’s stopping you? You can always work out babysitting; do a course in school hours, nights or your weekends off.

Now’s the time to meet others who are like minded and make a new group of friends.

It’s time to connect to yourself and enjoy something that will make you happy.

Go to the Markets

No matter where you live, Australians are in love with markets!

Every weekend local communities run stalls selling everything from clothing to gifts, food to plants.

Get out and explore, take the kids, go by yourself or with a friend.

Looking costs nothing and there are plenty of bargains to be had, particularly towards the end of the day when stall holders want to sell rather than pack up.

A great way to lift your spirits and be among people again.

Have a Swap Party

Get your friends together and swap all those items you no longer want.

It may not be valued by you anymore, but your friends may love to have it in exchange for one of their unwanted items.

You can bring along your clothes, kids clothes, CD’s , DVD’s, makeup (unused of course), beauty products. Some of you may even want to swap your men, but hey, we’re not going there!

Have a Girls’ Night In

Email a few friends and get them all to bring along one dish and something to drink if they want. You provide the home and they provide the company!

Throw a spare mattress on the ground and a sheet over the sofa and you can have a slumber party as well!

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