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karise_eden.pngOne Step Forward

 This week, Karise Eden won The Voice, Australia. But she did far more than just win a competition. She also won the hearts of women everywhere. Why? Because even though she’s only 19, she showed us how essential it is to be true to ourselves and move towards our dreams.

Despite, or maybe, in spite, of her troubled past, Karise pushed through her fears to find a better life. A year ago, she was living in a women’s refuge, lost and penniless. But in that despair she gathered the courage to find a better way to live. In doing so, she reached into the depths of who she was and pulled out parts that were possibly even unknown to her.  That’s what self exploration does. It clears away the debris and opens up new possibilities, allowing you to shine.

In one year, her life shifted in ways that were unimaginable. Fundamentally though, she started that shift of events by simply taking one step forward. That’s all it ever takes to change the direction of your life; one small step after another. Neil Armstrong did the same thing when he landed on the moon.

So where is your moon?  Where do your dreams lie? What lies at the end of your sentence when you say, “One day I would love to...”

One day starts today. Not tomorrow, not in a year’s time, certainly not in ten. Today is when we all need to look at what we dream about and then take just one step to bring it that little bit closer to our hearts.  That one step, no matter how small, brings you that little bit closer to your moon.

Like Karise and so many other amazing women who have inspired us with their lives, we also can take what has shaped us- the good and the bad- and use it as our motivation to create a better life, starting today.  Everyone has a story, some more heartbreaking than others. But those that are driven to create a better life for themselves are usually triggered by a personal war. There’s a point where you simply say, “Enough!”

 So if you’re finally at that point, take your one step tonight. All you have to do is open your front door, stand outside and look at your moon. Find out what lies at the end of your “one day” sentence.  Put your arms skyward and reach for the moon. There are plenty of women out there who have shown us that indeed, we can reach it.  

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