Take a One Day Holiday

Take_A_One_Day_Holiday.jpgTake a One Day Holiday

The word ‘holiday’ usually evokes wishful thinking followed by time and money pressures. It usually means that holidays never happen. If you continue to think that way, they never will!

Holidays can come in all shapes and sizes and don’t have to cost much at all. A ‘holiday’ is really only a break from the everyday, so if money is tight,  why not take lots of small one day ‘holidays’ instead? There’s no need to stay overnight and if you escape to the country or coast, you’ll get that much needed change of scenery to refresh your spirit and keep going. Knowing you have a short break to look forward to is often all you need to stay motivated.

Take your kids and have some fun or, if possible, go by yourself every once in a while. Mums need their time out too! Imagine a day where it’s all about you! No one to talk to if you don’t want, a quiet coffee in a country café, taking your time and meandering  through quaint shops, long walks among nature...sound tempting?

Don’t have someone to mind your children? Swap with a friend! You mind her children one weekend and she can mind yours, even if it’s only for the day. Holidays are a matter of attitude. You don’t owe anyone an explanation as to why you need it. You’re a single mum; that’s reason enough!

Think about where you could go for a day... Winter begs for a log fire in the country; summer, a swim at the beach; an autumn walk among coloured, fallen leaves; spring, a visit to the many open gardens in bloom.

Maybe once or twice a year, try and organise a girls outing, just you and a few friends. You’ll find that as all your spirits lift, life will indeed seem a lot brighter.

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